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Computer Monitoring Service

Discover the power of our service allowing you to supervise many Mac computers or Mac servers with a simple user interface from any remote location. The web application can be used with any web browser.

For computers or servers

We made a simple tool to monitor and supervise your devices. It works with a native app that you install on each monitored computer.

Cloud based

You can use this SAAS application (software as a service) from any computer or device (responsive user interface optimized for iPhone and iPad)


We care about security. We have more than 10 years of experience with servers and web technologies. We also care about privacy not using or selling your data.


We use high capacity and fast database, servers to handle the data of many computers or servers. Our native app is also optimized for recent technologies like Apple Silicon.

Easy to use

A service built for the best user experience. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly. We care about details and great UI/UX. You will be deligthed.

Many Options

You can customize many parts of the service. We have many new features planned. We also love new ideas!

Screenshots of the service

Easy to try, easy to buy

We encourage Mac users to try our service for free. We have affordable subcription plans. Check our offers

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